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OK motherfuckers, hold on to your hats! And cocks! The college sluts blog is back in action like a freshman during Rush Week and we got the absolute BEST sorority porn you have ever seen from a kick ass brand new all exclusive site from the undisputed champs of porn- RealityKings! It’s called Haze Her and here’s the deal- sororities on college campuses all across the US haze their pledges- that’s a given. BUT- we kicked things up to a whole new level by offering them $10,000 for the hottest, most extreme videos they could come up with. These college sluts make their pledges do shit you will not be able to believe, and they’re more than happy to endure it for a shot at the Greek letters and sisterhood. I hand-picked a few of my favorite pics to show you here, but you can CLICK HERE to check out even more of the action.

I told ya those slutty college sorority bitches were out of control, didn’t I? Off the fucking CHAIN is more like it! You really gotta check out the action for $1 to see just how much abuse the pledges are willing to take, and how much the sisters are willing to give out, for the weekly shot at 10 grand! Forced lesbian sex, pussy and ass licking and fingering, humiliating body inspections, dildo sucking and fucking, naked cleaning and exercising, forced public nudity, a TON of screaming, yelling and verbal abuse, sex with fraternity guys and that’s just the START of it!


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Holy fucking balls!! College coed babes are hot enough as it is, but watch what happens when we add a little (or A LOT) of booze to the mix and let these naughty college girls loose! These drunk college partys are totally out of control- believe me it was NOT like this when I was in school! These coeds get to partying, the beer and booze goes down almost as fast as the inhibitions (and they pantys)! Some of these naughty girls realize they are secretly lesbians and they can’t keep their fingers and tongues off each other’s hot college pussys! We have crazy wild frat and sorority partys, drunk college babes passed out and pissing, wet t-shirt contest on stage at bars, Spring Break and Mardi Gras, and wild Friday nights turning into “what the fuck did I do last night and who did I have drunk sex with” Saturday mornings!
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Nikki Price is a total college slut! She is hot, horny and ALWAYS on the lookout for cute random guys to suck, fuck and film! She gets off on hooking up with sexy dudes on campus for total NSA sex, taping the hot coed sex action and sharing the movies on her own personal website! Wherever and whenever the moods strikes, she is ready with her webcam and totally DTF with hot college pussy- at the laundromat, on the roof of the dorm, at the storage locker, even in empty classroms on campus! She has a few “regular” booty calls, but if she can’t find a buddy’s cock to suck on a Saturday afternoon, it’s NBD- she just goes out to a bar or club, even the library and just grabs some dude for a good solid fuck session that she can film and share on her website!
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It’s shit like this that just NEVER gets old- hardcore sex videos starring real amateur party girls and naughty college sluts in action- on campus, at frat parties, Spring Break, in the dorms and anywhere else they can get their freak on! I mean seriously, just look at that first picture up there of that busty brunette slut wearing the “College FuckFest” shirt and tell me you wouldn’t bend her ass over and fuck her right in the middle of a Roman Toga party while all your buddies watched and cheered you on…. And check out that slut sucking off the huge rubber dick at the end of that beer bong- if she’ll do that to a fake cock to get a cheap buzz- imagine what she’d do with your balls and shaft, man! I ain’t even gonna go there when it cums to these naughty coed lesbians cuz I already gotta take a break to jack off before I finish writing, but let me say this- it don’t matter whether these slutty college chicks are full-blown lesbos of just drunk and messing around with each others pussies- you fucking KNOW you wanna see it all! So enough from me- get your ass over to College True Life NOW and check out these college sluts in action for just $1- there’s no way to lose!

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Sex Ed 101 in College — VIDEO!!

I know you fuckers all remember those boring sex ed movies from high school and college, right? Well, they tried to kick it up a bit in that movie with hot chick Elisha Cuthbert called “The Girl Next Door” (which was a great fucking movie to be sure), but this slutty college chick’s submission to CollegeRules last week definitely takes the award hands-down (and pants off) for the all-time best college sex eduction movie of all time. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about hot college pussy you can find right here! Take a peek at this college sluts clip and see for yourself….

We got a sweet Sex Ed 101 video from a hot and dirty college chick this week. She said it was for her human sexuality class… Can’t say for sure, but this shit is crazy! This college slut went around her dorms asking for volunteers to fuck on video and do crazy shit. She sucks one guy off til he blows a load all over her face, she sets up a hidden cam and catches her hot blonde roommate jilling herself silly, which was seriously hot as fuck! There’s also some damn good dorm sex going on too- the chick is a complete and total freak, otherwise she wouldn’t have made this video of all these naughty coeds fucking and sent it to us! It’s a MUST-SEE!

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Now HERE are some college slut sex movies you NEED to see- exclusive hardcore videos of hot college pussy fucked bareback in dirty coed creampie videos! Now, these naughty fucking coeds are used to the TASTE of cum, they’ve been busy sucking cocks since high school. But NOW they are ready to feel messy creampie loads dripping out of their tight coed pussys. Sometimes it’s because they need to buy books, or a little money to pay the rent. These dirty fucking college babes will even let their professors go balls deep and unprotected into their hot college pussys in exchange for grades. The REAL college sluts just don’t care and will let random guys fuck them bareback and cum inside them- they just don’t care!
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